Scrum and Front Row Consultations


I work with professional players and players in training to help them improve and develop their skills. Preparation plays an important role in rugby. That's why they will be confronted with very specific rules and protocols before and after training to avoid any risk of injury.

My ambition is to turn the front line position into "Super Athlete".


This includes:

  • The analysis, development and improvement of the rugby and technical skills of the players.

  • Specially prepared training sessions for front-line players, enabling them to be more effective on the pitch. 

  • Technical sessions to improve their scrum positions and technique. 

  • Analysis of matches and training sessions in order to give feedback to the player and give him valuable advice to improve. 

  • A personalised nutrition plan. Nutrition is THE key to performing at the highest level. 

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The game of rugby has changed and evolved therefore the is a huge demand for Modern Day Props.


Front row players that can do everything on the field.

Those days where props were the Big Heavy Blokes on the field, walking from scrum to scrum, is long gone.


In the modern game we are looking for super athletes in the Front Row.


Props must be able to be dominant at scrum time but also be able to carry the ball, make various tackles and have a high work rate.


Players will benefit from my knowledge that I have gained as a Professional rugby player over 17 years.



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