Collective Scrum Session

Scrum session with forward pack. The session will last 1 - 2 hours depending on the need of the players. During the session I will help the players and pack improve their performance in the scrum by sharing my principles and philosophies. I travel all over the world to consult with teams. My goal is to share my knowledge . 

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Scrum and Game Analysis

Scrum Analysis : Analysing the scrum performance of the player or club

Game Analysis : Analysing the general performance of the player 

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Scrum Technique and Principles Session

This is a 2 hour session designed to teach players the principles and techniques of the scrum. This session is especially important for young and inexperienced players. The goal of this session is to educate players and help them understand how the scrum works. Starts Age 14 - Pro


Online Coaching

Online coaching takes place through various forms : 

- Video or telephone calls 

- Scrum and Game Analsyis 

- Webinars 

- Scrum Performance Programs 

- Scrum Conditioning Programs 

- Scrum Core Programs


Pre Season Camps 

2 - 5 day Camps 

These Camps are focused on : 

-  Strength and Conditioning

-  Mobility

-  Functional Training 

-  Scrum and Rugby Skills

I work with various specialists. The team : 

Gurthro Steenkamp : Scrum and        Rugby Techniques

Bruno Dalla Riva : Strength and          Conditioning 

Paul Marini : Functional Training          and patterns

Greg White : Mindset, Body weight      mobility and Nutrition

Julien Faurois : Strongman 

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Indivual Scrum Session - Technique

The Individual Scrum Session is designed to help the player improve on his or her weaknesses in the scrum. In a team environment their is not enough time to work with the player individually. During the session we will be working scrum technique and posture.  The session last 1 hour 


Scrum Workshop for Players

This is workshop designed for players to give them the tools to perform in the scrum. The workshop lasts 2 - 4 Hours depending on the time available. There are various subjects like mindset, mobility , scrum technique and priciples, scrum core work , recovery and performance nutrition. They workshop can be either be theory or practical or both. 

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Mentorship Program for Players and Coaches

A serious of online consultations to help players and Coaches improve the performance in the scrum.

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Scrum Performance Camps

These camps normally take place in Toulouse but I travel as well to various Clubs and Countries to host these camps.The camps last 2 - 5 Days where we work on all the different aspects of scrummaging. Giving the player the tools to improve their performance. The camps can be individually or in groups. The players can organise their camps when they are available. The individual camp is designed according to the needs of the palyers 

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Individual Scrum Session - Scrum Core

The scrum core session is designed to help the player improve his core strength in the scrum. Most players do not know how to activate their core. The player will be exposed to various exercises which will give him or her the tools to continue improve their performance in the scrum. 


Scrum Workshop for Coaches

The workshop is designed to help coaches better understand the scrum and coach their team better. There are various themes. The setup, Scrum Performance , Battle between Loosehead and Tighthead , Choosing the right strategy etc. The workshop take place in your club or one of my locations. 

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Seminars in Companies

I offer seminars and workshops in Companies where I share my rugby experiences and explain how the values of rugby can be applied into the workplace. My goal is to help improve the working dynamique and team spirit in the working environment.